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112 Emergency

General emergency number 112

If you need urgent help, dial the emergency number 112. No area code is necessary for this number, even when using a mobile phone. An emergency call can be made free of charge from any phone.

In a genuine emergency, the most important thing is to remember the emergency number 112 and dial it as soon as possible so that help can be sent to the scene without delay. There is no reason to be afraid of calling the emergency number and there are no special instructions to learn before calling. Emergency response centre operators will ask you the necessary questions and provide you with advice and guidance.

You should not call 112 in non-urgent matters or just to make enquiries. This also applies to abnormal and exceptional situations where enquiries may block the line for real emergencies. Such situations include power and heating cuts or traffic jams.

Please remember that making misguided or hoax calls to the emergency number is a punishable offence.

The emergency response centre will assess the situation on the basis of your call and send a rescue unit, the fire brigade, police, ambulance service or other necessary help to the scene. If the situation changes at the scene of the incident, call 112 again and report this to the emergency response centre.

Please visit the website of the Emergency Response Centre Administration
to find out more about how to make an emergency call and about the correct use of the emergency number.

For more information about rescue services in Finland, go to www.pelastustoimi.fi/en

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