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Surf Centre Yyteri

Yyteri Surf Center

The home beach of Finnish Boardsailing Association is located in beautiful Gulf of Yyteri. It is safe and shallow water beach that you can praise with out doubt in Finland and abroad. Near Yyteri Surfcenter you will find both accommodation and food services. Just beside there lies Yyteri Spa Hotel and Yyteri Camping. In Yyteri area you find lot of other activities like golf, volley ball, ridding, cycling. More information of Yyteri www.yyteri.fi – address.

Yyteri Surfcenter is open all through the best surfing season, from beginning of May until October. Surfcenter is open daily from the beginning of June until the middle of August; every day 11:00-19:00. You can rent windsurfing equipment and acquire teaching daily, also sauna and shower are offered in Surfcenter. In storage of Surfcenter you can store your equipment during your visit. The beaches in Yyteri offer good activity surrounding for windsurfing, kite surfing and surfing, for beginners and advanced surfers.

For learning bases of windsurfing you can reserve time from Surfcenter, book your time before! During the main event SURFWEEK (26.07.-01.08.2010) separate Basic courses and Advanced courses are offered. This year we have a special SURFCAMPs by Janne Rauhansuu FIN-24 for young surfers -. - -.7. and -. - -.7. More information of activities www.purjelautaliitto.fi
for reservations call +358 (0)50 512 1366 or e-mail surfkeskus@purjelautalitto.fi

Equipment rental
   For beginners wide basic boards; Starts
   For more advanced windsurfers for light and mid winds boards without daggers
   Different sail sizes for kids 1,8-3m2
   Different sail sizes for adults 3-8m2
   Wetsuits, shoes, buoyancies, trapezes

You can also inquiry different fixing material for correction of board and sail.

Sauna can be reserved for family or group. For members of Finnish Boardsailing Association the Sauna is offered in windy days and in request during the season. Also basic windsurfing courses can be ordered for groups.
Yyteri is one of the best places to start windsurfing. Yyteribeach is about 4 km long, shallow water and sandy bottom. The best wind directions for Yyteribeach are from south-southwest to west-northwest (155°-295°). The ultimate best would be the west wind, which gathers windsurfers from many parts of Finland.

SURFWEEK 26.07.-01.08.2010
During the week several basic and advanced windsurfing courses will be carried out. Orientation into competitions happens in playful events and course racing. All wanting to take part in basic or advanced windsurfing courses should have to do their booking latest until the beginning of July. Also in accommodation services the July is a busy month, if wanting to ensure your stay in Yyteri area, the reservation should have to be done as soon as possible.

Text: Anne Kärki
Yyteri Surfcentre

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